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Screen Printing

From special events, one-off personalize tees, to uniforms. Screen printing is an essential marketing tool and a great way to express ourselves. Here is a short list of some of the many business, organizations, and individuals that have ordered screen printed goods from us in the past.

Screen Printing can be a great opportunity to increase your brands exposure, create matching T-shirts for a family or company outing, experiment with new design ideas, essentially when it comes to screen printing your imagination is the limit! We are capable of screen printing a variety of items and promotional items.

We take the greatest care in creating each stencil and choosing the right ink application through rigorous testing before we begin printing your project, so that each and every print we make for you looks absolutely perfect. 


We love screen printing.  We love its versatility.  We love its possibilities.  We love to create.

What can we create for you?


We use plastisol and water-based ink which is healthy for the environment. This is universal to all screen printing but there are various types of screen printing.

Plastisol– This is one of the most common types of ink used in screen printing. It is a plastic-based ink made for apparel. Although it is generally cheaper, it is the industry standard and useful for thick prints. The soft plastisol ink is laid directly onto the fabric, covering the shirt with a layer of the graphic. Plastisol ink prints are not as long lasting as its counterpart (water-based inks) and easily breaks down. You can tell by cracked, peeling, or flaking graphics on tees. The more machine wash and dryer usage the garment is exposed, the faster plastisol breaks down. 

Water-based– Offers more saturation of fabric than plastisol-based processes and are employed when a softer result is sought. This is a higher-end ink made for super soft shirts (commonly used in retail printing). Water-based inks tend to last as long as the garment does.

Discharge– is also a water-based ink but it is mixed with an activator and is used for printing on darker or colored garments. This ink lightens the fabric color while depositing pigment so the print color is visible. Discharge inks only work on 100% cotton fabrics.


Soft-hanD– Soft-hand screen printing is probably the most requested type of screen printing these days and is only achievable with water-based or discharge inks. The word “hand” refers to how the print area feels. This type of printing is popular with vintage printing has a soft hand with a more distressed look. Nowadays, people’s tastes in screen printing are more advanced and refined. They prefer garments that are softer to the touch with a higher-end look and feel. Choosing the right type of screen printing for your t-shirts depends on a variety of factors.

**Screen Printing process requires a vector file that can be saved in ai, PSD, pdf, eps, png formats.

Plastisol vs water-based

Difference between inks
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